Tips for blind educators

Before you start

Useful tips

This excellent audio demo/tutorial 'from a blind person’s perspective', created by accessible technology expert David Woodbridge, will help you on your way.

VoiceOver off, accessible navigation on

The app’s accessible navigation can only be turned on and off at the Main Menu of the app, which is the landing page. There, VoiceOver reads the instructions to first turn OFF VoiceOver, and to then turn ON the accessible navigation (only in this specific order). To repeat the VoiceOver instructions, swipe up with two fingers. After you turn off VoiceOver, flick up with one finger, to turn on the accessible navigation.

When the accessible navigation is turned ON, this activates:

Turn VoiceOver back on when you exit the app. Press the Home button to exit. Press the Home button twice to get to the app switcher and do a three finger flick up, to close the app. Closing the app ensures that on your return it always starts at the Main Menu.

Download the short instructions that are displayed on the screen of each level (accessible Word document) ↓

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